Tuesday, January 24, 2012


UPDATE: I have been so busy with some special work projects, and beginning my last undergraduate semester, that I have fallen behind on uploading my food photos to the blog. I just uploaded a bunch, and will have more coming very soon. Thank you all for your continued support of both me and the Chopsticks365 project.

Please send me suggestions for more foods you would like to see me try, or recipes that are tasty!


Day 49

Sorry for the dim lighting, this is actually a HUGE fake chicken melt with tons of veggies, beans, salsa, and other spicy things. My eyes were clearly bigger than my belly, but I managed to not waste any. I wonder how many pictures I have of Mexican foods on this blog? Maybe I will have to do a count...

Day 48

White sauce Greek pizza from Belfast, Maine. I had to pick off the calamata olives, but the rest was amazing! The spinach was fresh, not frozen, and the garlic was nice and chunky. I prefer white pizzas, especially when it base is just olive oil and some spices. Yum!

Day 47

Lentil and potato soup from scratch, not by me though. There is also some home made bread on the side, little garlic bread sticks perfect for dipping.I have never really enjoyed lentils, but this soup blew me out of the park. It was so simple and filling, and I probably ate 5 or 6 bread sticks!

Day 46

Tomato soup from a mug with a grilled cheese, jalapeno, and fake chicken quesadilla on the side. I finished the soup first and struggled to get the wrap down. It was so big! And, the person who made it for me loaded it with about 20 jalapenos, so the heat index was higher than I would have liked! You know who you are...thanks!

Day 45

Mexican. If I were stranded on an island and could only have one type of food for the rest of my life, it would be Mexican. This is a pepper-jack, lettuce, salsa, black bean, jalapeno and fake chicken burrito. There is just something about burritos...you can cram all of your favorite things into one! Also, this tortilla was bigger than my face, no joke. If you look closely, you can see my chopsticks just off to the side under the plate....yes, there is a plate beneath that monstrosity.

Day 44

My birthday! I was so happy that I got to spend my birthday with my mother, she came to surprise me and we had a ladies day out. We topped the day off with teh largest bucket of popcorn you could buy at a movie theater, and we saw We Bought A Zoo. I'm a sucker for based-on-real-life movies, and this one was an obvious win given the wildlife subject focus. Eating popcorn with chopsticks is fun, and we actually got a refill for the ride home! (Don't judge me...)

Later that night, I dug into a cookies and cream cake with the sticks. Cookies and cream may be my very favorite flavor of ice cream, and when you put that into cake form it only gets better. Best birthday in a long time!

Day 43

I absolutely love making sushi. This is vegetarian sushi with avocado, cucumber, and carrot. It was only after I filled the plate with beautiful little rolls that I realized it was way too much for me to eat. Don't get me wrong, I didn't waste a single piece, but I was more than comfortably full by the time the plate was empty. Also, this is one of the least expensive meals that we make...a grand total of around $5 per person. Gotta love eating healthy on a budget!

Day 42

Breakfast on the go....oatmeal with apples, golden raisins, raisins, craisins, and brown sugar. While I don't like getting breakfast while on the road, I was pleasantly surprised to find this at a fast food stop. The oatmeal was perfect, and the fresh fruits really helped bulk it up a bit. Also, very easy to eat with chopsticks, mostly because I managed to use them more like a spoon and sort of scoop the oats into my mouth.

Day 41

Greek cal-zone with feta cheese and fresh baby spinach. This is from a local pizza shop in town, and seriously one of my weaknesses. I love feta cheese, and when you put it in some bread mixed with sauce and spinach...mmmhm! This is one of the more difficult things to eat with chopsticks, mostly because it it super hot and stringy with cheese. We make our own cal-zones sometimes, but they never seem to turn out as yummy as these!

Day 40

Corn on the cob! I have to admit here, my lovely camera lady cut the kernels off the cob and I then proceeded to eat them with sticks. I love corn, more than I should probably....Oh well, it was a nice reminder of summer, and since this Maine winter has been kinda wimpy, I figured I would reminisce a bit.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 39

Asian inspired meal! Meg and I made HOMEMADE rice noodle soup with diced scallions, carrots, mushrooms, and veggie stocks with a side of cold rice noodle spring rolls. This meal was super delicious and light, and I finally got to use the chopstick bowl that my brother gave me for Christmas...it is made by a potter right in Blue Hill! It meant so much to me, thanks Bro!

Day 38

This is the stuffing for my first ever batch of stuffed pasta shells baked with Florentine spinach and four cheese red sauce. We had a craving for something new and exciting, so I decided to whip this dish up from my imagination...and with a bit of recipe advice from my father's mother. She always made this yummy dish called Pasta In A Pot, and I thought using the ricotta and cottage cheese from her recipe would be a good idea. I took ricotta, cottage cheese, fresh spinach, sweet onion, and spices ans mixed it all up, stuffed the shells, smeared with the sauce, and baked at 325 for about 25 mins, then added sliced Colby-Jack to the top and finished baking for 5 minutes. This meal made me think of family style dinners growing up, and I was thrilled that it turned out well. Try my recipe, if you need more details, fee free to contact me through my Contact page!

Day 37

I know that this dish looks pretty sparse, but vegan buffalo tenders are one of my guilty pleasure meals, I just can't get enough! And they are spicy too! I go all out with this meal, haha, and dip them in spicy barbecue sauce and ketchup. The bad thing about the delicious nuggets is that they are a bit pricey, and I can eat an entire box in one sitting. Judge me if you will, but try these gems and tell me they aren't addictive. I challenge you!

Day 36

Mmmm, lunch at the lab. Baby spinach and julienne carrots with spicy sesame dressing. I like to keep it light at work, so I tend to snack on trail mix with almonds and have a huge salad for lunch. Man, I can pack away the spinach! Next time you are looking for a super healthy lunch that will give you a blast of fiber, try a spinach based salad with lots of veggies and a light oil dressing....you won't be disappointed!

Day 35

Baby spinach, tomato and onion salad with Greek dressing as a side with thin spaghetti topped with vegan spicy poblano alfredo sauce. I love past so much, and I decided to spice things up a bit with this new recipe. The salad was so crisp and juicy, and one of the easiest things to eat with chopsticks. The pasta was a nice change with the added spice, I think next time I will up the spice even more....MWAHAHA!

Day 34

This is my grandmother trying her hand at using chopsticks, and kicking butt! We put out a bowl of M&Ms, nuts, and popcorn and had a blast trying to pick them all up. She had so much fun using the sticks and is a complete natural. She can use them both right and left handed too!

Here I am with my grandmother, posing for the camera. She is trying not to laugh and inhale that piece of popcorn! I am so proud of her, such a pro!

And here is my lovely mother, sporting my chopsticks as hair accessories! She tried her hand at using the sticks as well, and I'm beginning to think that it runs in the family....Such a fun holiday with family.

Day 33

Chocolate. Cream. Pie. And oh my was it good! My brother made this pie over my holiday vacation, and it was probably a good thing that I had to eat it with chopsticks, or else I would have eaten the entire pie myself! I was so full already from dinner, but I somehow managed to fit a huge slice of that pie. Gosh I love winter and winter food!

Day 32

Green bean casserole and porcini stuffed ravioli for the holiday dinner at my grandparent's house. My brother made the green bean casserole (he is an amazing chef!) and my step mother made the ravioli. I seriously could have eaten myself sick on this dish, but alas, other people enjoyed it as much as I did. I have never made a green bean casserole, so I think trying my hand at one will have to happen soon. This was a great dinner, I can't wait until next year's holiday season!

Day 31

Holiday Vacation!!! What better way to start the holidays than with sugar cookie dinosaurs sprinkled with green candy dust? This dino was courtesy of my step mother, and I probably ate a dozen or so before dinner. Not too difficult to eat with chopsticks, and definitely fun. Oh, and in case ya'll couldn't tell, I REALLY like the color orange. The End!