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  1. I watched the news and was thinking cottage cheese might be rather difficult to eat...Though my 9 yo daughter thinks pizza would be rather hard. Good luck with your mission. I hope it helps improve awareness...and I think you are right you probably will loose weight. Who knows maybe you can start a new diet fad while you are at it...

  2. Have you considered posting recipes? I'm always looking for new and healthy vegetarian/vegan lunches and dinners. Maybe challenge folks to contribute $1 for each recipe you share that they try and enjoy? Because your photos look delicious! I'm reconsidering veggie dogs based on your picture, for example. Presentation helps, I'm noticing! Best of luck w/ your project.

  3. Given I have eaten with chopsticks for very many years, I have a few things that you might find challenging:
    ice cream
    spaghetti/angel hair
    whole fish (or fillet)

    Also, in addition to donations, I'm sure a few people would love to send you chopsticks or eating bowls. A general shipping address would be appreciated.
    Wolf Gray

  4. I love the recipe idea, thank you! Perhaps I will have to start trying some news ones out and posting them for readers to try.

    Cottage cheese and ice cream sure would be hard, let's make that happen!

    WOLFGRAY---->If you or someone you know would like to send me chopsticks or eating bowls, I would graciously accept them. Please see the mailing address listed above.

    Thank you all for you feedback, this is going to be a great year!

  5. I wrote earlier and suggested cottage cheese, my boyfriend and I were talking about it and he suggested applesause and cream corn! I really support what you are doing. At supper time last night my daughter was inhaling her food so fast I thought she was going to choke. I explained to her that it takes awhile for her body to realize she is full and it is not good for her digestion system to eat so fast (a problem I also have sometimes just being so busy). As I read your blog I realized you mentioned how using chopsticks will help you slow down, pay more attention to what you are eating, and maybe loose some weight; after thinking about this last night I think as an important leason to my daughter to learn. So we are going to follow your blog and join in with you and start using chopsticks with alot more meals. Thank you for the inspiration!!!

  6. Dear cottage cheese and creamed corn~
    It means so much to me to hear that people are already being inspired by my project. I think you and your family will enjoy using chopsticks, they can really teach young children patience, too! Please stay tuned, I may just try your applesauce and creamed corn...

    Also, where are you located? Are you folks from Maine?

  7. I think it is so wonderful to see people embracing the true spirit of this challenge. That it goes beyond a donation box and into our kitchens, the heart of our homes.


  8. How about something along the dessert line, maybe cake or a muffin. Good Luck Ari! Keep up the good work!