Saturday, December 3, 2011

Day 9

Well, ya'll asked for it, so here it is.....trying to eat pizza with chopsticks. I have not yet received funding for a video camera, so this is all I could post. Hopefully that will change soon! Let me tell you, trying to eat pizza with chopsticks proved to be extremely difficult. It was hot and floppy, and really wanted nothing to do with my chopsticks. The slice just kept slopping back to the plate. But, I did manage it, and now I can officially say that I have tried one of your challenge requests. Keep em' coming!

On another note, I am extremely happy to announce that my Chopsticks 365 fundraiser with Feeding America has raised nearly $400...way to go guys! You all are the ones that will help me reach my goal, and you should all feel very proud. Thank you!