Sunday, December 11, 2011

Day 18

And here we have day 2 of being sick. I woke up with no voice and a throat that feels like a cat had tried to play the harp with my vocal chords. So naturally I drank soup. I used the chopsticks for the noodles, but ended up finishing the broth the traditional Asian way, tipping the bowl to my mouth. Also, I think the flash on my camera phone has died, so I was not able to get a good shot of the soup, or yesterday's fancy-shmancy spaghetti-o's. I promise it was more delicious than it looks...really. Unless my throat returns to it's pre-kitty-played-harp self, I will likely be consuming more liquidy foods...not so fun for the photo project, but I will try to mix it up a bit.

Side note: I cannot wait to be done with my undergrad. The end.

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