Saturday, December 3, 2011

Day 10

My breakfast, day 10. Believe it or not, clementines are pretty easy to eat, once you get past the peeling part. I wasn't that hungry, and usually I wake up with a huge appetite. Maybe the chopsticks are causing me to slow down enough so that my tummy realizes I'm full faster? Who knows!

Salad! This was such a tasty, light dinner. I went to the Harbor View Restaurant and Grill in Bucksport, Maine tonight, and it was delicious! I was unsure whether or not a salad would fill me up, but their portions are huge, and the homemade croutons totally made it. Also, not that I am biased or anything here, but I will encourage anyone in that area to give the restaurant a try. It has only been open for about a year, and it has some of the tastiest, best portions for your dollar. Oh, and if you decide to go, make sure you say hello to the manager...she has long curly hair that is the most distinct shade of grey and wears glasses. Her name is Ann, and she is my mother. Be nice to her, and she will make sure you have a meal well worth your smile. Bon appetit!

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