Monday, November 28, 2011

Day 5

Lunch, day 5. Cold noodle salad that proved easy to skewer with my sticks. I realize that most of my pictures have been of noodles, and I promise I'm not doing that on purpose...I just really happen to like noodly things.

Dinner was not noodles! I made brown rice veggie stir fry and it was amazing. Also, you might note that I seem to use the same bowl for each meal, that's only because it has the prefect sides for scooping. I'm heavily considering buying these stainless steel and rosewood travel chopsticks, they are dreamy as well as practical:

Final note for the evening, I just won 2 tickets to the sold out Banff Film Festival in Seattle, Washington....for this Friday. Can I make a cross-country trip happen??

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